The purpose of Silba Viva, the new sub-program of the SEA platform, is to enrich the everyday lives of Silba’s elder permanent residents, who make up two thirds of the entire island population. Through creative and social activities, the program aims to promote positive change and prevent some of the difficulties and problems older citizens face. The program also offers assistance in fulfilling the basic needs of this population and provides support to individuals and their families in the hopes of facilitating their direct involvement in the life of the community. Silba Viva introduces continuous organized activities of a creative, social, and environmental nature for its senior citizens, leading to a long-term decrease in their need to turn to family members on the mainland or care facilities for seniors in Zadar (and other cities). Quality of life and social engagement is improved, and individual challenges become communal challenges that are then tackled with the cooperation of everyone, to the benefit of the entire island.